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All productions were made possible through the generous support of these organizations:
SplitSeed Productions uses art-based interventions (visual, theater, music, spoken and written word) to inform, educate and raise awareness about justice and human rights issues (such as but not limited to, refugee displacement, sexual violence, child labor) in order to promote action toward change at the local, national and international levels. Split Seed Productions collaborates with local, national, and international artists from various genres to produce concerts, theatrical performances, and events to create a temporary environment where desired social change and an alternate world are imagined. During each performance, artists and community members establish a meaningful dialogue to expose and address human rights violations by exercising social and political imagination and civic action.
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The Africana Studies Program at the University of Arizona prepares future leaders of a global and diverse economy from North and Latin America to Africa and Europe. Our faculty encompasses diverse academic backgrounds producing a fertile and exciting interdisciplinary dynamic evident in both our teaching and research. We encourage students from all backgrounds to join us in investigating the historical and contemporary experiences of Africana peoples and how they are shaped by gender, class, race, and other important ideas.
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Special thanks to The Alliance for Global Justice
Chuck Kaufman, National Co-Coordinator
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